An alarm that will remind you about everything you always forget


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AbAlarm is an alarm for your PC that creates a pop-up window to alert you about all of the stuff you don't want to forget. You just have to program it like a classic alarm clock.

The application will sound at the planned time, and can repeat itself a few minutes or hours later, as if you'd hit the snooze button. Although you can't set more than one alarm at a time, the tool does include a memory that allows you to set it for certain times or days of the week, or even for each time you turn your computer on.

There are several different ways to use it:

- Timer or countdown: Give AbAlarm a specific time or a number of minutes to count down from, and let it automatically remind you of your responsibilities or when it's time to take a break with a text message window and personalized sound.

- Tea/Pizza: These unique functions were created so that you'll never forget to take a pizza out of the oven, or leave a tea bag to steep for too long. Both functions include a drop-down list with all kinds of popular tea types and pizzas, along with the time that you're supposed to steep or cook them for.

- Planner: There is a calendar that you can use to activate a alarm for various days of the week with regular intervals of time.

- Actions: Automatically activate AbAlarm each time you open a webpage or shut down your computer. You can control or limit the time that you spend browsing the Internet (or a specific site) if you feel like you're spending an excessive amount of time online.

With AbAlarm, you won't forget your appointments, your favorite TV show broadcasts, or the pizza in the oven... but you'll also lose your excuse for being late.
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